Green manufacturing

All of our products are manufactured with ecological materials, like the MDF, Medium Density Fireboard, with a wood like appearence in two tones, beech and wenge.




Material de fabricación de atriles DMThe wood fiber boards of medium density fibreboards (MDF) has been one of the wood substrates that in recent years has managed to enter the global market faster. The result of the steady increase in population combined with excessive deforestation and increasing scarcity of virgin wood from forests, leads to the use of panels in increasing proportions.



The MDF besides being a very noble material is highly resistant to high temperature and humidity.

Atril HOOK con terminación Haya

The surface of wood fiber boards of medium density is flat, smooth, uniform, compact and has no knots, qualities that allow us to perform finishing operations with greater ease and consistency. The uniformity of the edges of the MDF facilitates the application of complicated machining and finishing techniques required precision in the manufacture of our laptop stands.